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The hotel’s location allows you to enjoy the surroundings to the fullest, as you start in the heart of Spandau – the historic old town. This is where the past and present meet, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

So immerse yourself in the idyllic atmosphere of the old town as you explore the historic Gothic architecture, charming alleys and cozy cafés. Would you like to visit the Spandau Citadel or perhaps you would rather visit the oldest settlement area in Spandau’s old town – our Kolkviertel?

Our hotel is the ideal starting point for your excursions, whether by land or water. We offer a special advantage for all bike lovers: the bike paths along the banks of the Havel are right on our doorstep.

And Spandau also has a lot to offer on the water. The pier on the Lindenufer and the harbor square in Wröhmännerpark invite you to take a boat trip. Various shipping companies in Berlin take you along the Havel to Tegel, Wannsee, Potsdam and beyond.

The Core

Historic Town of Spandau

The old town of Spandau is a historical jewel in the middle of the capital. Stroll through the streets, past the Gothic house and St. Nikolai Church. Along the Havel promenade to the Spandau brewery. The old town of Spandau invites you to stroll and linger. The many small shops, cafés and restaurants offer a variety of culinary delights and shopping opportunities. Another highlight is the weekly market, which takes place every Saturday on the market square.

Historical charm

Gothic architecture

To this day, Gothic architecture shapes the historic cityscape of the old town of Spandau and gives it its very own charm. The delicate details invite you to marvel. Representing this valuable architecture is the St. Nikolai Church, one of the oldest churches in Berlin from the 13th century. Inside the church you will find beautiful Gothic vaults and ornate altars.

Another important building is the Gothic Spandau town hall, which was built in the 16th century. It impresses with its magnificent facade. The Spandau Citadel also shows clear Gothic influences.

Renaissance fortress

Spandau Citadel

The Spandau Citadel is one of the best-preserved Renaissance fortresses in Europe. The mighty walls and towers of the citadel bear witness to the impressive architecture of bygone times. Inside the fortress you can visit the Gothic Juliusturm Chapel, which impresses with its Gothic windows and vaults.

In addition to public tours and art exhibitions, events also take place regularly. Among other things, the popular open-air concerts by a variety of artists, the night flea market and the Christmas market. The citadel also attracts animal visitors every year. Around 10,000 bats hibernate in the vaults of the fortress, including in the publicly accessible bat cellar.

Former Island of Behnitz


The former island of Behnitz, now known in Spandau as the “Kolkviertel”, is home to the oldest remnants of Spandau. Narrow streets, a piece of city wall and a medieval fountain lead you back to days gone by. It is the oldest settlement area in Spandau’s old town; the first written documents date back to the 13th century.

In the middle of restored half-timbered houses you can find the remains of the old neighborhood pub – the Kolkschänke. Soldiers stationed in the citadel frequented this place for over a century. At the end of Kolk Gasse the small St. Mary’s Church awaits visitors. The Kolkschänke has been closed since 2013, but the brewery on the edge of the district invites you to linger after a tour steeped in history.

Spandau by water

Havel promenade with boat pier

The Lindenufer allows the Havel and Spree to flow into one another. It stretches along the Havel promenade and gives us our name. In addition to visitors, locals also particularly enjoy strolling here. There are several monuments along the Lindenufer, such as the Gotthard Kirchlein, a small church from the 14th century that is considered a landmark of the old town.

Another highlight is the Spandau lock, which regulates traffic on the Havel. Here you can watch boats and ships pass through the lock and watch the hustle and bustle on the water. If you want to set sail, you can head towards the pier and enjoy a relaxed cappuccino on a steamboat ride. The shipping routes lead to Tegel, Wannsee, Potsdam and beyond.

Spandau with bike


A ride along the Havel cycle path is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the blue side of Spandau. The entire north-south extent of the district is crossed over a distance of around 20 km. You pass the port of Kladow, the old town of Spandau, the citadel and numerous bathing areas for a quick refreshment in summer.

Many cycle paths lead through Spandau, including the Wall Cycle Path along the former route of the Berlin Wall. If you want to cover a long distance, start the Berlin-Copenhagen tour lasting several days. The bike tour connects the German capital with the Danish one. Whether short or long tours, the Hotel Lindenufer is perfect as accommodation or as a starting point. In addition to secure bicycle parking options and battery charging stations for e-bikes, we will be happy to prepare a lunch box for your adventure.

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